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That Time Nic Cage Played a Cantabrigian: a Knowing Look

Today is Nic Cage Day across the Curbediverse, a day for celebrating The Legend and his legendary real estate hijinks. Why? Because Nic Cage.

In one of his more forgettable roles (and there many, dear friends), Nic Cage played a fictional M.I.T. professor named John Koestler in the movie Knowing (trailer above). Koestler is tasked with preventing disasters by using numbers from a time capsule that predict... Anyway. The 2009 release was shot mostly in Australia; though, to give it a sheen of authenticity, some scenes and B-roll were filmed in the Boston area.


The Haystack Observatory in Westford
This M.I.T. research hub is located about 30 miles northwest of Boston near Lowell. It was here that Cage's character discovers a giant solar flare about to zap the Earth.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The main Kendall Square campus of the august school provides suitably tweedy backdrop for Koestler/Cage as eccentric prof.

Museum of Science
The venerable institution between the West End and East Cambridge includes a planetarium, interactive exhibits and an IMAX theater—and a perfect setting for adding a little bit of science to a science-fiction movie.
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Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA