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South End's New Royal Has One Rental and Here It Is

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Last week came the first peek inside the newly revamped South End building known now as the Royal at 407 Shawmut Avenue. It has 12 units, almost all of which are for-sale condos. Asking prices currently range from $1,675,000 to $2,400,000. Then there's Unit 1. It's the Royal's sole rental listing (presumably until some new owners start leasing out their places). The 1-BR, 1-BA just hit the market and with it came even more looks inside the development, which was carved in large part out of the old Salvation Army headquarters in what can only be described as a perfect symbol of the South End's gentrification. The 897-square-foot spread is asking $2,850 for six to nine months and $3,250 for 12 months (with one month free in that case, naturally).
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