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Shop and Compare Luxury Rents Throughout Greater Boston

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The snazzy map above (click to enlarge) shows the average asking rents per square foot as of late November for more than three dozen luxury apartment complexes throughout the Boston region, including such newish numbers as 100 Arlington, One North of Boston and the Victor. It comes courtesy of Laura Ahmes-Gollinger, vice president of real estate marketing firm the Collaborative Companies, and uses information from leasing agents as well as leasing websites.

Note how some of the asking rents are similar despite sometimes vastly different locations. For instance, the $4.11 a square foot asked at the Avalon Prudential in Back Bay is similar to the $4.82 at Avalon NorthPoint Lofts in East Cambridge (same developer to boot). That, according to Ahmes-Gollinger, is "a result of an efficient unit mix, many of which are 'micro' units averaging 325-400 sf." She has good news, though, for tenants in the hunt for a new home: "Despite the high listing prices, the luxury rental market is starting to soften. Most luxury new construction buildings in Boston proper are offering rental incentives such as several months of free rent, among other incentives." Indeed.
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