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New Commonwealth Ave. Listing Explains Back Bay Numbers

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The recently listed Unit 3 at 297 Commonwealth Avenue is BIG. It's 3,080 square feet total on one floor and other measures make it seem even more spacious than that. The foyer has two coat closets, for instance, and the living room is 40-feet long with 12-foot ceilings and five oversized windows. So it's no surprise, given this size and its location, that Unit 3 comes with a sizable price tag. Said tag goes a long, long way to explaining, too, why the average sales price per square foot for Back Bay condos this year was just shy of $1,000 as of the week before Thanksgiving. The 2-BR, 2.5-BA spread is asking $4,750,000 through Coldwell Banker. That comes out to about $1,542 a square foot. Which seems like a lot (and it is) until you realize other Commonwealth Ave. feet have gone for a lot more.
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