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This Deck in Dorchester Comes w/ Open-Floor Plan

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Unit 3 in 42 King Street was recently redone in the shiniest of fashions: Check out the open-floor plan, for one thing, as well as the recessed lighting. A shame the exterior feature of the place, the deck, couldn't have been done up a bit. But no matter. Finding a decent condo in Boston's Thunderdome market for under $250K can be rather difficult (and damn near impossible in neighboring cities).

The 1-BR, 1.5-BA, 950-square-foot spread wants $249,000. That's a relative steal of about $262 a square foot, and comes with the renovation, yes, as well as central air, deeded storage in the building's basement and deeded parking. Oh! And it's close to the T. Transit-oriented, people, transit-oriented.
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