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Boston Marathon Hotels; Cambridge Foundry Building; More!

EVERETT—It's about who is going to enforce the spending: "Taxpayer advocates are calling on legislators to ensure hundreds of millions of dollars in casino revenue projected to flow into state coffers is spent as promised, after Vegas mogul Steve Wynn proposed funding traffic mitigation for his Everett casino out of a state-run fund intended to improve transportation statewide." [Herald]

HUB-WIDE—Rooms, including those in the Curbed Boston Hotels 18, are inn demand for the Boston Marathon: "Boston and Cambridge hotels are completely booked for the race, according to the state's lodging trade group, and rooms outside those two cities are going fast. The eight Marriott hotels in Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, and Peabody — a total of more than 3,700 rooms — are already almost full on the night of the Marathon and the Sunday before..." [Globe]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Marc Levy hands out medals to Cambridge City Council members re: the seemingly ceaseless debate over what to do with the old Foundry building: "Basically nothing has happened with the building since, save for sporadic debate among officials and entreaties for action from the public." [Day]

101 Rogers Street

101 Rogers Street, Cambridge , MA