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Reopening Esplanade Wading Pool; M.I.T. Housing Needs

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BEACON HILL—The state Department of Conservation and Recreation wants to reopen the Lee Memorial Wading Pool on the Charles River Esplanade after more than 15 years. But: "According to State Rep. Jay Livingstone, the minimum preliminary estimates for the rehabilitation of the pool and the building located on site range between $10 million and $15 million, but the facility doesn't currently appear in DCR's five-year capital plan." [B-H Times]
CAMBRIDGE—"There is immediate demand for housing for between 500 and 600 graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a need to build even more as rents in and around Cambridge rise beyond what students can afford, according to a long-awaited study group draft report..." But will the city ever have enough housing? [Day]

[Photo via Beacon Hill Times]