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Boston Candy-Shop Map; Merchants Row; North End Trash

QUINCY—The first phase of the city's biggest project could go private: "The redevelopment has been halted since November, when construction work on Merchants Row — a block contained within Hancock Street, Cottage Avenue, and Chestnut Street – became too costly to continue."
BOSTON—The cartographic wizards at Bostonography have a Valentines Day special: candy shops in the city through the ages. [Bostonography]
NORTH END—Residents are peeved at street trash piling up. There are several theories as to why: "Absentee landlords that are not training their tenants. Residents that do not take pride in the neighborhood. Trash collectors (paid with tax dollars) flinging open bags and not picking up the remains." At least it's not vomit. [Regional Review]