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345 Harrison Ave. Crashes South End Constructionpalooza

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A lot's going on—and up—in that corner of the South End where the Mass. Pike meets I-93: the 160-unit 600 Harrison Avenue, approved by the city just last month; the ginormous Ink Block project with its Whole Foods and its Sepia condos; and the approximately 62-unit 775 Harrison Avenue. Now add 345 Harrison officially to the mix.

Late last week, everyone's favorite rubber stamp, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, O.K.'d a two-building plan for the old Graybar Electric site. Together they will have 602 apartments and up to 33,500 square feet of retail, restaurant and amenity space. Moreover, the developers have committed $420,000 toward streetscape improvements on Washington Street, Traveler Street and Harrison Avenue as well as $250,000 for legal bribes community benefits.

We've known about the possibility of a big development at 345 Harrison since at least last fall. The BRA approval, however, clears the way for yet another newcomer in that slice of the South End. Stay tuned.
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The Ink Block

Harrison Avenue and Herald Street, boston, Ma

345 Harrison Avenue

345 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA