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Let's Start a Parlor Game About The Globe Moving

Boston Globe publisher John Henry says he wants to move the newspaper from its Dorchester HQ to "a smaller, more efficient and modern facility in the heart of the city." When the Boston Herald exited its South End HQ, that property became the site of the massive Ink Block project, with its apartments, its Whole Foods and its wine-sipping would-be buyers at the Sepia condos.

Might the same fate befall The Globe's current digs at 135 Morrissey Boulevard? More importantly, perhaps, into which "smaller, more efficient and modern facility" will the newspaper move? And what the hell's the "heart of the city?" Please don't say Back Bay. But do, please, send us your best guesses as to the new location via the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. We'll publish the top three.
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