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Kendall Square Apartments; Uphams Corner; Dudley Square Art

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EAST CAMBRIDGE—Our pals at Jumpshell have a rundown of the rental situation in Kendall Square, including a review of what they call "the best apartment buildings." [Jumpshell]
DORCHESTER—Discussions are afoot, but it would take quite the effort: "The dilapidated Columbia Road structure adjacent to the North Dorchester Burying Ground in Uphams Corner could be reborn. Abandoned since 1977, the approximately 1,200-square-foot building, which sits on an approximately 2,300-square-foot lot, has housed many different establishments since it was constructed in 1912, including public restrooms and office space." []
ROXBURY—The center's supposed to be finished early next year: "The conceptual designs for the public art that will accompany the Dudley Square Municipal Center project have been selected. Two of the designs were created by professional artists, with the third created by a Boston Public Schools student." []

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

MBTA Uphams Corner

Uphams Corner, Boston, MA