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St. Patrick's Day in Boston; the Olympics Not in Boston

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BOSTON—St. Patrick's Day is more than two weeks away and the how-to-do-it-in-America's-most-Irish-city guides are already coming fast and furious. This one includes hotel recommends as well as historical tours like so: "Start your day by walking the Irish Heritage Trail, which highlights all the landmarks of Irish-American artists and heroes dating back as far as the 1700s." [Forbes Travel]
BOSTON—Paul McMorrow would like to remind you that the city could spend its money on a lot of other things besides the 2024 Winter Olympics: "The Olympics are the costliest, most roundabout way imaginable of remaking a city's face. The Games are a weeks-long party at the far end of a grueling seven-year construction odyssey. The supposed public payoffs, like new subway cars and apartment towers, are incidental to the Olympic effort. They're also far more expensive than they need to be." [Globe]