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Boston Bike Loop; Uphams Corner Plan; Rent vs. Buy

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BOSTON—Our pals at Trulia are out with their latest rent-vs.-buy assessment: "The report uncovers that it's 30 percent cheaper to buy than to rent in Boston, versus 40 percent at this time last year." [Trulia]
ROXBURY/DORCHESTER—This could shape development in the area for a long, long while: "After more than a year of planning and countless meetings, the city officials and community members behind the Fairmount Indigo Planning Initiative's work in Uphams Corner are prepared to unveil their recommendations for the dense neighborhood on the Roxbury and Dorchester border." []

BOSTON—There's a public meeting tonight re: the proposed cycle loop around the city. [Boston Biker]

MBTA Uphams Corner

Uphams Corner, Boston, MA