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The Rosebud's Fate; Tasting Menus Under $75; More!

Let's grab a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—Tasting menus can be ultra-expensive, but here are nine that will only hit up your wallet for $75 or less per person, from the $35 five-course meal at East by Northeast to the Sunday night "Chef's Whim" six-course tasting for $57 at Craigie on Main.
DAVIS SQUARE—The fate of The Rosebud has been revealed. Joe Cassinelli, owner of nearby Posto and The Painted Burro, is turning it into a "roadhouse"-style restaurant with a "pan-American" menu. It could open in May.
HUB-WIDE—In the latest Comedian Confidential column, Melrose native Ken Reid shares tales of his days working at Hilltop Steak House, discusses his love of meat pies, and more.
CAMBRIDGE—Jason Bond of Bondir and Bondir Concord chats about his current favorite dishes around town (spoiler: the pretzel at Bronwyn), ingredients to use this time of year, and more.