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West Square Leasing; Walsh's Name; MIT Expansion

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SOUTH BOSTON—The 225-unit complex has already signed 50 leases: "West Square may only be a four-story building, but its amenities rival those in new apartment towers such as Waterside Place and 315 on A in the Seaport. The lobby common spaces at West Square look like a boutique hotel, with a 24/7 concierge, an entertainment lounge with a two-sided gas fireplace, a breakfast bar with free coffee and snacks, an Internet lounge, a large fitness facility and a wood-floored motion studio." [Herald]
BOSTON—It'll be a generation, after all, at least, before his predecessor's name disappears from everywhere: "Walsh has been mayor for a little less than two months, and there are early indications he is following Menino's poor example. But this is a good moment to shift gears. Walsh's call for fresh ideas about improving Boston's streetscapes is timely. He can lead the way without needing to see his own name everywhere he turns." [Globe]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—The report parallels one on graduate-student housing: "MIT's campus around the Kendall Square T stop could sprout a lush green park and a half-dozen new buildings in the next two decades, according to an urban planning report the institute is readying to comply with a city zoning requirement." [Day]


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA