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Roxbury's Super-Efficient Rocksberry House Sells

The 1,760-square-foot house at 55 Marcella Street in Roxbury's Fort Hill was specifically designed to put other new Boston homes to shame in the energy department. As developer Placetailor puts it on the house's very own blog (where you can look back on its construction): "This ground-breaking green building was designed to use 90% less heating energy than a typical home and is expected to become one of only a few Passive House projects in the whole state." That's right: In this case, passive is good.

How is a single-family home carved out of an abandoned building in a dense urban city rendered energy-passive? Through really thick walls as well as a really thick roof; efficient appliances; recycled energy and rainwater; a bike rack; yada yada. It really is something in this era of LEED this and LEED Silver that. Supposedly, the entire house can be powered by what it takes to power a hairdryer.

Fifty-five Marcella traded Feb. 24 for a powerful $572,500.
· Website: Rocksberry House [Placetailor]