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Inside Trinity Church's Heavenly Beacon Hill Condo w/ Cottage

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A week before Christmas, Boston's venerable Trinity Church closed on its $3,600,000 purchase of a 3,119-square-foot condo at 20 Chestnut Street. Lisa Wangsness has all the garment-rending in Monday's Globe over whether the church should, in fact, own such a prime piece of Beacon Hill for its rector, who will ostensibly use it for ecclesiastical activities as well.

The condo is actually two properties: the Federal Revival main spread and a guest cottage, with a private courtyard in between. There's something called "a Northern California-style entertaining level" in the main space, according to the listing by Carmela Laurella, as well as a pantry with a wine cellar and a two-car garage. The condo comes with a fee of $1,150 and had been listed for as much as $3,900,000.
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