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Revere Casino; Millennial Housing Woes; Hubway Cancellation

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HUB-WIDE—It's snow joke: "Due to a forecast of inclement weather, we will temporarily close Hubway at 7:00PM on Tuesday, February 4th, to protect the safety of our members and staff. No bikes can be rented after the temporary closure has begun, though any bikes in use at the time can be returned to any Hubway station with an available dock." [Hubway]
REVERE—They're hoping to mimic the success of Eastie clergy: "A coalition of religious leaders in Revere is organizing against a Mohegan Sun casino proposal at Suffolk Downs and will be encouraging residents to vote against the project in a citywide referendum scheduled for Feb. 25, said members of the group, which calls itself Friends of Revere." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—From one of them whiny millennials: "Housing expenses also add up quickly when you're forced to move every year or two. With no limit on the rate of rent increases for a Cambridge or Boston apartment, it's not uncommon to hear stories of rent spiking five to ten percent in one year. (That happened to me last year.) Then, your options are to spend thousands of dollars to move (full month broker fee plus moving truck rental) and forget any savings you have been trying to accumulate, or somehow come up with the extra rent money each month-- again, forget any money you have been putting away." []

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