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Super Fast Leasing at Priciest Chelsea Apartment Building Ever

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One North of Boston started marketing its 230 units not even one month ago amid questions of whether people would actually pay $1,420 to live in a studio in Chelsea or $2,450 to live in a 3-BR (the floorplan for which is above). Or $1,595 to live in a 1-BR. Or $2,000 a month for a 2-BR. You get the picture: These were pricey pads for Boston's northern neighbor, maybe the priciest new ones ever. Maybe too pricey? Well, the infallible market hath spoken.

The market loves One North of Boston and its yoga room and doggy daycare: Only about 10 percent of the units remain available for lease, according to the complex's website. [Update Feb. 7, 4:53 PM: A rep for the building tells us not every available apartment is listed on the website; only 10 percent of the units overall have been leased.] Most (12) are 1-BRs of varying sizes. Interestingly, the fast pace of leasing seems to have been spurred without the aid of tenant incentives like free rent or no security deposit. Fancy that. Though we're guessing the general Thunderdome-like nature of the Hub's apartment market didn't hurt the pace either.
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