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High-Speed to Albany; Everett Casino; Ink Block Construction

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BEYOND THE HUB—Above is a pretty cool imagining for connecting the Northeast (and Montreal) via high-speed rail. For instance, it would take an hour and 35 minutes to go from Boston to Albany via Springfield: "Connecting the capitals of Massachusetts and New York will be the Berkshire Line, which will provide faster service from Boston to Springfield than it currently takes to drive from Boston to Worcester and a stop at the cultural hub of the Berkshire Mountains, Pittsfield." [Iqubed]
EVERETT—Casinos have down sides? "The proposed Wynn casino site in Everett just beyond Sullivan Square would pollute the air throughout the region as truckloads of poisonous soil are driven from the contaminated site to ready it for construction, city consultants said at a community meeting yesterday." [Herald]

SOUTH END—Check out construction on the game-change-y Ink Block. [Twitter]

Sullivan Square

Interstate 93, Boston, MA

The Ink Block

Harrison Avenue and Herald Street, boston, Ma