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Mapping Hub Jogs; Dudley Square Parcels; Boston Groups

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HUB-WIDE—"There are many exercise apps that allow you to keep track of your running, riding, and other activities. Record speed, time, elevation, and location from your phone, and millions of people do this, me included. However, when we look at activity logs, whether they be our own, from our friends, or from a public timeline, the activities only appear individually. What about all together?" Check out the above map. [Flowing Data]
ROXBURY—They will likely not be replaced by apartments: "The city of Boston is moving forward with its plan to sell two vacant Washington Street parcels in the heart of Roxbury's Dudley Square. They are expected to be publically advertised by the end of February." []
BOSTON—What groups are in your neighborhood? Here's a handy, interactive map. [coUrbanize]

Dudley Square

Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02119