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Boston Cycletrack Money; Mystery of 85 Bedford Street

BOSTON—Above is a rendering of what a cycletrack might look like along Arlington Street: "The PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project has selected Boston as one of six new U.S. cities to join its intensive two-year program to build protected bike lanes. Boston will receive financial, strategic and technical assistance to create protected bike lanes, also known as cycletracks." [Cyclists Union]
DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Dear Curbed Boston Universe, help this reader out? "Do you have any idea what else is in the building that is home to the new InBoston eatery downtown? It is listed as 85 Bedford Street and it is surrounded by Kingston, Avenue de Lafayette, and Chauncey St. I haven't had much success via Google but I have been very curious. I am guessing it is some sort of substation but it is a fairly ornate facade so I thought I would see if you might have some insight." Send guesses to the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.