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Major Millennium Place Flip Nets Seller Six Figures

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Wintertime (still) and the flipping's easy at Millennium Place. The sold-out Downtown Crossing condo complex has seen its share of fast turnarounds on sold units as well as particularly gutsy askings of potentially turned-around sold units. Unit 1002 is an example of the former: The 10th-floor, 1,703-square-foot spread traded back in December for $1,615,000. Less than two months later, it went back on the sales market through Warren Residential's Patrick Bergin at $2,000,000.

It found a buyer for $1,990,000. Not only did it find a buyer, but it found one rather fast: The 3-BR, 2-BA was listed on Feb. 12; nailed an agreement the following day; and the deal closed on March 5. A source tells us, moreover, that more such flips are coming from Millennium Place, even as closings on original sales continue. Stay tuned.
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Millennium Place

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