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Waterside Place Can't Wait for St. Patrick's Day

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It looks like it's a rough go for Waterside Place's plans to sign around 20 leases a month, thus filling up the complex within a year. The 236-unit complex at 505 Congress Street officially opened in January with 3-BRs going for around $5,600; 2-BRs for $4,000 and up; and 1-BRs for the low, low price of more than $2,700 a month. The tenant incentives quickly followed, however, an understandable enough thing for a new arrival getting its Seaport legs (heh). Now, though, said incentives have been cranked to 11.

A reader sends in through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline the following offer blasted recently to the email accounts of would-be tenants:

Stop by this weekend and celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Waterside Place. This Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sunday from 12-5pm, we're offering up to 1.5 months free PLUS an extra $1,500 off!* Did we mention we'll also be providing pints of beer and offering a $500 giveaway? Go.
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Waterside Place

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