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Charlie Card On a Ring; Late-Night T Schedule; More!

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HUB-WIDE—One ring to ride them all: "The makers of the 'Sesame Ring,' a piece of wearable technology that has a CharlieCard's RFID chip embedded inside of it, are shipping out their first batch of more than 1,000 rings to customers that backed their project on Kickstarter last year." [Daily]
HUB-WIDE—Speaking of the T, here's its new late-night schedule starting a week from Friday. [Inno]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Here's a detailed argument for reconsidering the current plans for the old Sullivan Courthouse: "The proposal is inappropriate because it seeks to jam a giant office tower, full of 2,000 commuters and with lights blazing 24 hours a day, into a quiet residential neighborhood. No sane planning process would produce this outcome." []
MASS.-WIDE—We beat the snot out of the rest of New England in terms of pending sales in February: "Massachusetts showed a decrease of -4.4% in total transactions year-over-year. The median price increased 5.6%. Pending sales were up 40.4% over February of 2013 – again, the highest in the region." [Re/Max]

Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141