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Cambridge Officially Calls for Do-Over at Sullivan Courthouse

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The Cambridge City Council on Monday evening unanimously passed a resolution calling for the state and developer Leggat-McCall to reconsider the current redevelopment plans for the old Sullivan Courthouse at 40 Thorndike Street in East Cambridge.

Basically, it's about the height and the scope of the proposed redevelopment, which would carve office and retail space out of the tower as well as a couple of dozen apartments. From the text of the resolution (emphasis ours):

That the City Council go on record strongly encouraging [the state Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance] and the developer to work together in an expeditious and creative fashion to substantially reduce the height, traffic, and environmental impacts of the developer's proposal so as to gain community support and resolve the great uncertainty that now surrounds the project. Much more on the ongoing debate over the redevelopment here. Real estate is never, ever dull in Cambridge.
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Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141