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Jamaica Plain Gentrification; Sullivan Courthouse Feedback

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JAMAICA PLAIN—One more time into the gentrification debate: "Hernandez passionately believes that Whole Foods is good for the neighborhood. It provides about 130 well-paying jobs, for example. Residents also have more access to organic produce than they used to — and the store routinely donates money to the community. But according to sociologist Glenn Jacobs, that's just part of the story." [WGBH]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Re: the interminable debate over the old Sullivan Courthouse: "The state never bothered to ask what types of redevelopment proposals might play well with the courthouse tower's neighbors. Nor did it take neighborhood feedback into account when weighing bids for the tower. Neighbors rallied to the cause of a losing bidder who dealt openly with them; Leggat McCall made a calculated decision to focus on winning its bid with the state first, and only engaged neighbors after it got the bid." [Globe]

Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141