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Awaiting Green Line, Cambridge's NorthPoint Adjusts Orange

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With all the brouhaha about the Sullivan Courthouse redevelopment in Cambridge, we missed a big going-on at the continuing adventure that is NorthPoint, the mega-project slated to drop 5 million square feet of residential, office and retail over 45 acres in the Charlestown borderlands.

Marc Levy at Cambridge Day has the details: "Noting that many workers walked over from the Community College Orange Line stop in Charlestown, O'Brien said [developer HYM] would put up access midway across the Gilmore Bridge to save workers from having to go all the way to the end, especially in months of bitter cold, wind, rain and snow."

That cuts the walk from Community College by about half, which will matter something massive in whether like this. As for the myriad Green Line changes coming, including closure of the Lechmere stop for 17 months, HYM is trying to get the state to shorten that time and speed up the day when both the Green and the Orange lines are convenient to NorthPoint and surrounding, um, points.
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Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141