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Newton's Priciest Number Very Well-Ventilated

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There are so many ways to sell a beaut like the newly listed manse at 235 Highland Street in West Newton. One might pitch the sheer scope: five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, just under 9,900 square feet. Or one might dangle the prospect of a rock-climbing wall and an indoor driving range. Or the wine room. Or simply the three-car garage. The Hammond Residential listing does all that and then it drops this gem: "12+ zones of HVAC."

The whole shebang last traded way back in August 2000 for $1,600,000. Two recessions later it wants a cool $6,650,000. We'll see what happens.
Clarification 12:23PM: A reader emails us that the same manse did, in fact, not trade in 2000 for $1,600,000. Rather the house that was there then traded for that; and was torn down to make room for this monster.
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