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Mapping Boston's Evolution; Previewing Hotels Week 2014

BOSTON—Get an idea of how your neighborhood came to be the way it is: "A new exhibit at the Boston Public Library on Saturday will examine how the city's diversity has evolved throughout the years using maps and other resources. Aptly called 'City of Neighborhoods: The Changing Face of Boston,' the exhibition aims to explore the driving forces behind Boston becoming younger, as well as more ethnically and racially diverse." [BostInno]
BEYOND THE HUB—As Hubway rolls out fully for another summer, here's what's happening to New York's bike-share: "Leaders of Citi Bike are moving quickly to raise tens of millions of dollars to rescue the popular bike-share program as it loses money, according to people familiar with the matter." [WSJ]
HUB-WIDE—Just a LOUD reminder that next week is our annual Curbed Boston Hotels Week, wherein we tackle myriad aspects of the region's hospitality market, from the swankiest of penthouses to the coolest (and freest) of amenities to those little things that make a stay extra-nice that you might not really think of until it's too late. We want to hear from you, too. Send us tips and suggestions on the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. [Curbed Boston]