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Pepe's Pizza Is Coming; Wink & Nod Opens; More!

Let's check in with Eater Boston, where Pizza Week 2014 is wrapping up.

HUB-WIDE—Eater Boston and the rest of the Eater Universe are wrapping up Pizza Week 2014 today, a weeklong celebration of all things pizza, including plenty of maps, interviews, photos, and more.
MYSTERY LOCATIONS—In huge news that is coincidentally pizza-related, one of New Haven's most famous pizzerias, Pepe's, is apparently expanding to the Boston area. A Craigslist job posting mentions locations, plural (but no details).
SOUTH END—Hotly anticipated "craft cocktail speakeasy" Wink & Nod opened to the public yesterday. Here's a look inside.
SOMERVILLE—At long last, La Brasa aims to be nearing completion. Here's a look at the upcoming East Somerville restaurant's really cool front door.