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The Boston Hotel Suite Inspired By a New York Street

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Above you get a peek into The Colonnade's Soho Suite. Why the Soho Suite? Why not the North End Suite? 'Cause, according to the hotel, the design of said suite is "modeled after a loft you might find on Prince Street in New York's Soho neighborhood, decorated in cool blue and warm gold tones." Crazy-fine touches such as dual-track lighting, hand-blown glass fixtures from the Italian island of Murano (of course), and a sectional sofa covered in fabric designed by Liz Jordan Hill only accentuate the downtown Gotham vibe. As does the fully stocked wet bar. New Yorkers love to drink, let us tell ya.

The Soho Suite's 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton bed linens and pillows, as well as all the aforementioned and more, will cost you $1,500 a night. That's a very Manhattan price. But that's kind of the point, eh?
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