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Cambridge Wants Your Feedback; Condos Sales Strong

CAMBRIDGE—Tonight, Cambridge residents will have the chance to voice their opinions on 10 different potential projects at a community workshop. The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority wants comments on which projects are deemed most necessary. Don't worry, if you can't make the meeting, the CRA has also partnered with Kendall startup coUrbanize to solicit online feedback as well. [Day]

HUB-WIDE—It's no surprise that condo sales are on the rise, almost matching the cost of a single-family home. Warren Group reports that condo sales are up 6.5 percent based on a year to year comparison, while single-family homes decreased by 4.1 percent. In fact, the median price of a condo was up 12.4 percent in February, "making the cost of a condo just $4,500 less than that of a single-family home." [Globe]