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In Somerville, a Million-Dollar Listing Not Close to Davis Square

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It should come as little surprise that there are big listings and sales happening in Somerville of late. Nearly all, though, have been smackdab in Davis Square and its environs, which, as everyone knows, are getting crazy expensive. Well, the 4-BR, 4.5-BA house at 30 Forest Street could be classified as crazy expensive by Somerville standards. And yet. The renovated 2,853-square-footer is in Porter Square's orbit.

Change, it seems, is the only constant in Somerville these days, what with the Green Line extension and the Brooklyn branch office. Thirty Forest, by the way, wants $1,295,000, making it the city's most expensive home on the market right now. Stay tuned.
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Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140