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Meet Troy Boston, Part of the South End's Building Boomlet

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Ladies and gents, good morning and please welcome Troy Boston officially to the South End's construction boomlet. You know it better as 275 Albany Street, the oft-changed project that finally settled upon a mixed-use plan heavy on the residential. But, starting today, with an announcement from developers Gerding Edlen and Normandy Real Estate Partners, it shall be known henceforth and forever as Troy Boston.

Designed by ADD, it will include two residential towers with 378 units (apartments or condos, it's not clear, especially nowadays) as well as approximately 6,000 square feet of retail space and a 180-space parking garage. The development will also have the usual bells and whistles, including a pool deck and a fitness center.

Why Troy Boston? It's being built on a 1.27-acre site that was part of the original rail system from the Boston and Albany Railroad. The streets around it, according to the developers, "were named after upstate New York stops including Troy, now home of Troy Boston." See?

More important than its etymological origins, we think, is the complex's location amidst a rather significant construction wave in the area. For one thing, Troy Boston will adjoin the Ink Block, the massive residential-retail project on the site of the old Boston Herald HQ that includes the Sepia Boston. There is also the Harrisons: No. 345; No. 600; and No. 775. Stay tuned.
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275 Albany Street

275 Albany Street, Boston, MA

345 Harrison Avenue

345 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA