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Uphams Corner Development; Boston Builders Bullish

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DORCHESTER—Major goings-on in Uphams Corner: "The draft proposal includes improvement plans in six areas – business, housing, transportation, parks and public space, quality of life, and the creation of a unique sense of place. Dozens of properties within a half-mile radius of the Uphams Corner Station were identified as possibilities for development in one or more of those areas." [Reporter]
BOSTON—Developers who make their money developing say now's the time to develop in the city: "The group agreed that a perfect storm led by the Big Dig's completion, a growing population, a flood of Baby Boomers who want to return to the city, lower unemployment and a rush of foreign capital is lending to the city's multibillion-dollar development pipeline." [Biz Journal]

MBTA Uphams Corner

Uphams Corner, Boston, MA