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In Busy Chelsea, a Lofty Opportunity For a Smaller Price

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Boston's northern neighbor Chelsea is undergoing its own mini-real estate boom, complete with its priciest apartment complex ever and one that names its floorplans after U.S. presidents. Add a Silver Line extension, and you've got all the trappings of rapid gentrification (which, yes, can be both bad and good). So it is with new eyes we look upon this 1-BR, 1-BA at the Keen Lofts at 220 Spencer Avenue.

The 984-square-foot spread in a converted schoolhouse wants just $235,000—kind of average for Chelsea right now, though it seems to have the makings of one of those obnoxious real estate stories down the line. You know the kind: "Yeah, so we got our South End townhouse for $72,000 in '93. No one wanted to live down there..."
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