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Hotel Commonwealth Swings for Red Sox Nostalgia

The Red Sox have commenced defending their crown, and the Hotel Commonwealth (a star of last week's Hotels Week 2014!) calls our attention to its Luxury Baseball Suite: 600 square feet of old-time-y baseball, replete with a 1967 World Series program (when the Sox played the Cardinals) and a baseball-card collection featuring Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson.

The suite's furniture itself—oriental area rugs, a leather steamer trunk, wingback chairs—is meant to evoke the so-called golden era of the game (what, the early 2000s not good enough for ya?). If that doesn't swing your bat, then there's also the DVD library of more tan 40 classic baseball films. All yours starting at $569 a night.

By the way, should you not be able to book this puppy, there are plenty of other hotel packages about town, including options steeped in the nation's pastime as well as at least one about twerking. Thank God we live in these times.
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