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The Eater 38; H Mart Opens April 23; More!

Let's gobble some restaurant news with Eater Boston.

BACK BAY—Take a sneak peek inside Liquid Art House, the ambitious restaurant/gallery hybrid opening at 100 Arlington next month.

HUB-WIDE—These are Boston's 38 most essential restaurants, updated for April 2014.

CENTRAL SQUARE—At long last, there's an opening date for the Cambridge H MartApril 23. Here's what to expect from the food court.

KENDALL SQUARE—A crazy, science-y place is coming to Cambridge, affiliated with the lab of David Edwards, who has invented things like energy shots that you inhale and foods packaged in edible skins. Cafe Artscience, as it will be called, has a ridiculous team behind it, including Todd Maul of Clio, Tom Mastricola of Commonwealth, and Patrick Campbell of Eastern Standard.