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Titanic Discount for Townhouse on the North End Waterfront

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The 2,786-square-foot townhouse at 536 Commercial Street on the North End waterfront seemed like a smash-hit sale in the marking when it dropped in April 2013. It was new construction; had direct garage access; there were 30 windows with Harbor vus and a private roof deck to boot; all the bells and whistles of modern urban luxury living were there as well (think smart-home technology accessible from your little, old phone).

Still, for all that, the townhouse took a whopping 347 days to officially sell. Moreover! It was originally listed for $3,995,000 and closed Friday for $3,067,000. That is one heckuva under-ask, especially in the current Boston housing market. To be fair, the townhouse was last asking $2,995,000, technically making the final price a respectable over-ask. Meh.
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