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Parking, 'Project' Fears Doom West Roxbury Proposal

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Developer Charles River Realty wanted to replace the old pharmaceutical factory on Lagrange Street in West Roxbury with 62 apartments and 52 parking spaces. Big mistake. "It's gonna end up like a project!" shouted one local resident during a meeting about the, um, project last week. She explained she had moved to the neighborhood to get away from apartments and the people who live in them. Others threw their hands up over the parking situation: not enough, they said, not nearly enough.

Faced with such opposition (what else is new in Boston?), the developer has agreed to scale back the apparently staggering amount of apartments and to up the number of parking spaces before entering the city's approval warren. Meanwhile, some residents are calling for the old factory to be redeveloped, alright—into a parking lot. Of course.
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