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Brookline's Second-Priciest Listing Goes Back a Ways

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Even in a region chock-a-block with historically consequential property, certain numbers jump out. One such? The Boylston-Hyslop-Lee House off Boylston Street (naturally) in Brookline. The back ell of the currently 5,300-square-foot manse dates from the last decades of the 17th century and goodly portions of the house were completed before the American Revolution, with a major renovation coming a decade before the Civil War.

The estate, which includes more than 4.3 acres of grounds largely unaltered design-wise during the last two centuries, dropped on the sales market in the second week of March for $6,250,000. That makes the 16-room, three-level spread the second-priciest listing in Brookline, behind only the mind-blowing 39 Sears Road. Wowza, wowza.
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