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They Put a Bird On It in Sandwich Village; More!

Time to check in with the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod.

SANDWICH—Attention, Pinners: the listing photos for this adorable $323K Sandwich Village abode are ready for your Pinterest boards. Built-in bunk beds and chalkboard walls, this way.
CAPE COD & NANTUCKET—The latest strange, weird and terrible listing photos: oh, the irony.
CAPE COD—A former playhouse in Centerville, digs with a dock in Falmouth, tricked out in Eastham, and nominees for the PriceChopper Hall of Fame: Curbed Comparisons is digging into the listings to find out what $1,600,000 can buy you around Cape Cod.
BREWSTER—Any idea how much a contemporary on Sheep Pond might be asking? This way to play our asking price guessing game!