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Cheapest Somerville Condo Sold in Under Three Weeks

'Tis no secret that condos trade particularly fast in Somerville (and in amorphously neighboring Cambridge, for that matter). This speed kills listings at all price levels. Case in point: The 343-square-foot Unit 4 at 369 Medford Street (essentially a bedroom + anteroom). It hit the sales market in early March and found a buyer before the end of the month.

The condo, which the listing gamely labels as a "pied-a-terre in Somerville," was asking $139,999, making it the least expensive home on the city's market at the time. We don't know the closing price yet, only that a deal for it is pending—and that that deal came fast. There is no escape from the Hub's frenetic sales pace. Here are some tips, though, on speeding up your own approach.
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