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Look at How You Might Live In a Southie Micro-Condo

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One of the problems with all the sturm und drang re: micro-apartments in Boston is that so much of it is theoretical. The units have either not yet been built or are not quite that micro. Well, this condo at 11 Bell Court in South Boston has (a) been built and (b) is definitely what any city would call micro.

Unit 2 is 380 square feet, not including a back deck off the kitchen and a back yard off that (officially weighing in at 0.01 acres). It's got one bedroom and one bathroom; and took a grand total of 45 days to go from a new listing to a closed deal at $210,000. Such is the Boston condo market nowadays, micro or not. The only silver lining for buyers out there might be this: The wee pup traded after a $25K price-chop.
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