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Majestic 17 Union Park Ends Its Year-Plus Sales Saga

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The 5,800-square-foot, antebellum townhouse at 17 Union Park hit the sales market way back in late 2012 for $5,250,000. It had last traded in July 1998 for $1,090,000, so this was an Event with a capital "E." Would the six-level manse, with a wine cellar for 1,000-plus bottles, a sauna and 14-foot ceilings at the parlor level, command such an asking? Would it even get north of $5M? Almost immediately, we had our answer: The price was chopped in January 2013 to $4,950,000.

The price was further trimmed in May to $4,495,000 (and the seller switched brokerages, too). That's where it rode out 2013, and where we now find the 5-BR, 4.5-BA townhouse as it itself finds a buyer. We won't know the exact closing price for a while, but we can assume one is coming after 18 months (an eternity in the Boston housing market these days). Stay tuned.
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17 Union Park

17 Union Park, Boston, MA