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Fenway Renovations; Globe HQ Sale; North End Show; More!

FENWAY—Here's some background on the famed ballpark's gussying up two years ago, including a revamp of the Jeano Building (above, before and after): "The renovation to Fenway Park was accomplished without 'destroying the spirit or essential character of the park,' said Janet Marie Smith, the Planning and Development professional who helmed Fenway's nip/tuck. The updates have not washed away the park's early 20th-century memories of Ted Williams or Cy Young. To the contrary, the preservation practices implemented in Boston maintained the park's core historic feeling and look." [Curbed National]
DORCHESTER—We know what happens to old newspaper sites in this town, don't we? "The Boston Globe has hired a commercial real estate broker to explore a sale of the newspaper's Morrissey Boulevard building and property." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—Yeah, that's it. The cold. "... I would argue that for all the bellyaching we do about our long, frigid winters, our changing seasons are actually part of the special sauce that makes this region hum. Our weather is the unsung hero that contributes to the region's adaptiveness, competitiveness, and even its safety." [Globe]
NORTH END—Finally, a Boston-based TV show not about drunks or violence or drunks who are violent: "ABC Family is returning to film scenes for the upcoming series to be called Chasing Life. The main character, a young journalist with family issues and a cancer diagnosis, lives in the North End." [NorthEndWaterfront]

Fenway Park

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