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Millennium Tower Crew Planning 36-Hour Concrete Pour

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The construction crew behind the mother of all recent Boston towers is going to get seriously busy this weekend, according to a release that just came over the trusty Curbed Boston Tipline: "Over the course of two days, Suffolk Construction will manage a 6,000 cubic-yard continuous mat slab concrete pour that will take more than 36 hours to complete. There is an unprecedented level of collaboration, teamwork and logistical planning that goes into a large-scale concrete pour like this, and few concrete pours of this size and magnitude have ever been witnessed in Boston."

Wowza! The concrete will run at least 6.5 feat deep, with the depth plunging to 9 feet in some places. Really into concrete and construction and such? The pour starts at 3 a.m. Saturday at the construction site on Washington Street in Downtown Crossing.
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