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Brookline Manse Seen in American Hustle for Sale

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Here's one surefire way to stand out in the Hub's Thunderdome of a housing market: be a backdrop of a major motion picture that was prime Oscar bait back this year. The 9,581-square-foot mansion at 64 Dudley Street in Brookline was just that and now it's on the sales market, touting its connection to American Hustle. The 7-BR, 5.5-BA Georgian Revival, built 80-some years ago for a Standard Oil exec on nearly an acre off the Brookline Reservoir, has all sorts of cinematic bells and whistles, including a heated indoor swimming pool and a tennis court.

Sixty-four Dudley just hit the sales market through Andrea Youman for a cool $5,499,000. It last traded way, way back in August 1978 for $140,000 and has been renovated since (we should think so!). Go.
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