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JP Zoo Playground; Somerville Shoveling; Arborway Demo

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JAMAICA PLAIN/ROXBURY—There's a new playground coming to Franklin Park and it's really neat: "The 'nature-based educational exhibit for children,' as described by Zoo New England's Vice President for Development Suzanne Thompkins, will compare various ecosystems to neighborhoods. Grasslands, woodlands and wetlands will form the main areas with themed smaller exhibits and play structures." [Gazette]
SOMERVILLE—The city has had it with remiss property owners: "With spring finally arriving, Somerville residents are ready to not think about snow for at least six months. But city officials are considering changes to the law that could make next winter more expensive for those who don't shovel their sidewalks." [Journal]
JAMAICA PLAIN—Hmm... The MBTA plans on "demolishing the now vacant 500 Arborway office building. But the full reasons and funding for the work remain mysterious, as it is preparation for building a still unfunded $200 million bus maintenance facility—a plan that has stalled for years." [Gazette]

Franklin Park

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